NEOM Spearheads Historic Coral Reef Restoration Effort in the Red Sea

NEOM Spearheads Historic Coral Reef Restoration Effort in the Red Sea

NEOM, Egis, and KAUST are teaming up to restore the Red Sea’s largest coral reef to safeguard marine life for future generations.

A Big Step Towards Coral Conservation

Egis, a well-known company specializing in engineering, consulting, and operating services, has partnered with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

They are working together on a very important project to design and build coral nurseries as part of the Reefscape Restoration initiative. 

This project is a big deal because it uses the latest technology and innovations to help restore and protect the Red Sea coral reefs, ensuring they will be around for future generations.

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The Largest Coral Reef Restoration Project in the World

With help from NEOM, a futuristic city in Saudi Arabia, this project is set to become the largest coral reef restoration effort anywhere on the planet. 

The action is happening at Shushah Island, about 10 miles off the coast. 

The plan is to protect the coral reefs and actively improve and restore them with a special program designed to make the coral habitats even better than before.

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How Egis Fits Into the Picture

Egis is playing a big role in making this project happen. 

They are in charge of building two key parts of the project: the Primary Coral Nursery (PCN) and the Development Coral Nursery (DCN).

These nurseries are where corals will be grown and cared for.

 The PCN is expected to grow up to 400,000 corals every year.

The DCN, set to start in early 2024, will be a place to speed up coral growth, train people, and try out new coral farming techniques.

A Growing Partnership

Egis and NEOM have worked together before. 

Since early 2022, Egis has been involved in several projects on Shushah Island, including environmental studies and designing infrastructure for water and ports. 

These projects show Egis’s commitment to protecting the environment and their expertise.

Laure Russier, who leads Egis’s efforts in the Middle East for water, ports, marine environment, and energy, said they are proud to support KAUST in this project. 

They aim to help preserve the underwater habitats that are so important for marine life and ensure their sustainable future.

Looking Forward

This partnership between Egis and KAUST, supported by NEOM, is a big step towards protecting the coral reefs in the Red Sea. 

By using advanced technologies and innovative approaches, they hope to impact coral conservation significantly. 

This project is about saving the reefs and making sure we can all live in harmony with nature, now and in the future.

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