Redefining Industrial Cities The Oxagon Model

Redefining Industrial Cities: The Oxagon Model

Explore how Oxagon redefines industrial cities with sustainability and innovation in NEOM, Saudi Arabia. Discover its strategic approach to environmental challenges.

In an enlightening conversation with Asharq Al-Awsat, Vishal Wanchoo, CEO of Oxagon, shed light on an ambitious vision seeking to transform industrial cities. In the burgeoning NEOM city in northwestern Saudi Arabia, Oxagon aims to tackle some of the globe’s most pressing industrial challenges with minimal environmental impact. This endeavor mirrors NEOM’s commitment to sustainability, economic diversity, and environmental preservation and marks a significant stride toward reimagining the traditional industrial city framework.

A New Era of Industrialization

Oxagon’s strategic initiatives are designed to foster a revolutionary approach to industrialization, emphasizing sustainability, innovation, and human-centric values.

Strategic Location and Environmental Commitment

  • Location: Nestled in NEOM, Oxagon benefits from its prime position on the Red Sea, with the NEOM port serving as the main trade gateway to northwestern Saudi Arabia.
  • Sustainability: Under Wanchoo’s leadership, Oxagon is committed to enabling industrialists to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by leveraging 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Innovation and Sustainability: Oxagon embodies a new model that prioritizes sustainability and innovation, aiming to serve as a portal to advanced, clean sectors and industries within NEOM.

The Four Pillars of Sustainability

Oxagon’s approach to sustainable industrialization is built on four strategic pillars: design, industry, utilization, and recoupment. This framework promotes the circular economy and supports the development of a highly advanced marine port and an integrated supply chain network, allowing for sustainable market access.

Empowering Innovation

Octagon is set to become a hub for innovators and entrepreneurs, with plans to establish a robust research and innovation system. This initiative aims to empower creators to develop and market their products locally and internationally, fostering direct connections with global markets and enhancing regional competitiveness.

Oxagon: A Model of Modern Industrial Cities

Key Features of Oxagon:

  • Sustainable Practices: Industrial entities in Oxagon are encouraged to adopt NEOM’s best practices in sustainability.
  • Advanced Infrastructure: The NEOM port and an integrated supply chain network facilitate direct and sustainable market access.
  • Innovation Hub: Oxagon is poised to be an optimal innovative destination, offering a vibrant ecosystem for talents, researchers, and entrepreneurs.
  • Economic and Social Development: The industrial activities at Oxagon are expected to contribute significantly to the social and economic development across NEOM, aligning with the principles of the fourth industrial revolution and talent development.

Looking Ahead: Oxagon’s Milestones

Wanchoo revealed exciting future developments for Oxagon, including:

  • Expansion of NEOM Port: To accommodate the world’s largest vessels with a capacity exceeding 1.5 million containers by 2025.
  • Residential and Hospitality Developments: The inauguration of the first permanent residential compound and the Yotel Hotel in 2026.
  • Green Hydrogen Plant: The construction of the world’s largest green hydrogen plant, set to begin production in 2026, underscores Oxagon’s role in job creation and local production enhancement.


Oxagon represents a bold step forward in redefining the industrial city, marrying sustainability with innovation in a model that addresses today’s challenges and sets a precedent for the future. As Oxagon continues to evolve, its impact on the global industrial landscape, local economy, and environmental sustainability will be profound. Through partnerships and a commitment to a high quality of life, Oxagon is not just reimagining industrial cities but also reshaping the way we think about industry, innovation, and community living in the 21st century.

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