Unveiling the Future of Motorsport and Entertainment The Qiddiya Speed Track

Unveiling the Future of Motorsport and Entertainment: The Qiddiya Speed Track

Explore the groundbreaking Qiddiya Speed Track in Saudi Arabia, a Formula One-ready course revolutionizing motorsport and tourism as part of Vision 2030.

In motorsport and entertainment, a groundbreaking development in Saudi Arabia is poised to redefine the global landscape of Formula One racing and leisure attractions. 

The Saudi government has recently unveiled plans for the “Qiddiya Speed Track,” an ambitious project designed to captivate fans and tourists alike. 

This article delves into the intricacies of this exciting initiative, shedding light on its potential impacts on travel, tourism, and the broader economy.

The Vision Behind Qiddiya

At the heart of this development lies Qiddiya, a visionary project spearheaded by Saudi Arabia’s crown prince as part of the broader “Saudi Vision 2030.”

This ambitious initiative aims to diversify the kingdom’s economy beyond oil, fostering growth in various sectors, including entertainment, sports, and tourism.

Qiddiya is set to emerge as a colossal entertainment city, offering an array of attractions and facilities designed to enchant visitors from around the globe.

Key Features of Qiddiya:

  • Location: Just outside Riyadh, expanding over approximately 360 square kilometres—twice the size of Washington D.C.
  • Employment and Economic Impact: Expected to create over 325,000 jobs and contribute 135 billion Saudi Riyals ($36 billion) annually to the GDP.
  • Diverse Attractions: Including a Formula One-ready race track, a Six Flags theme park, FIFA World Cup-ready football stadiums, 43 sports facilities, 12 theme parks, and the world’s largest Olympic museum, among others.

The Qiddiya Speed Track: A New Era of Motorsport

Design and Features

The Qiddiya Speed Track is envisioned as a state-of-the-art Formula One course, meticulously designed by former Austrian Formula One driver Alex Wurz and renowned German racetrack designer Hermann Tilke. This 21-turn track is set to offer a thrilling experience for drivers and spectators alike, boasting unique elements such as “The Blade,” a 20-story-high ramp providing a breathtaking view over a music arena.

  • Strategic Location: The track weaves past major attractions, including the Six Flags amusement park and water park, reminiscent of the Las Vegas course’s integration with the iconic Sphere.
  • Collaboration with Experts: The involvement of figures like Alex Wurz and Hermann Tilke underscores the project’s commitment to excellence and innovation in racetrack design.

Economic Significance and Partnerships

  • A Decade-Long Formula One Agreement: Starting in 2021, this $55 million annual deal highlights Saudi Arabia’s growing influence in the global motorsport arena.
  • Sponsorship with Aramco: A 10-year sponsorship pact with the state-run oil giant, valued at over $450 million, further demonstrates the kingdom’s ambitious plans in sports and entertainment.

Impact on Travel and Tourism

The introduction of the Qiddiya Speed Track and similar ventures significantly bolsters Saudi Arabia’s appeal as a premier destination for travel and tourism.

Formula One events, in particular, profoundly impact local economies, exemplified by the success of races in cities like Las Vegas and Jeddah.

Economic Boost and Hospitality Sector Growth

  • Hotel Average Daily Rate (ADR): Events like the Formula One Las Vegas Grand Prix have substantially increased ADR, underscoring the potential for similar success in Saudi Arabia.
  • Visitor Spend: With billions of dollars in revenue from such events, the ripple effects on the hospitality sector and the broader economy are immense.

Looking Ahead: Qiddiya and Vision 2030

Qiddiya is more than just a development project; it symbolizes Saudi Arabia’s ambitious vision for the future.

As part of the “Vision 2030” economic diversification plan, Qiddiya represents a cornerstone in the kingdom’s efforts to become a global hub for tourism, entertainment, and sport.

This initiative aims to enhance the country’s economic landscape and enrich the lives of its residents and visitors through unparalleled experiences and opportunities.

What is Vision 2030?

Vision 2030 is Saudi Arabia’s blueprint for transforming its economy and society. With goals ranging from attracting 150 million visitors annually to significantly increasing the contribution of tourism to the GDP, this comprehensive plan seeks to modernize the nation while preserving its cultural heritage.

The Role of Giga-Projects

Giga projects like Qiddiya are instrumental in realizing Vision 2030’s objectives.

These massive undertakings are designed to captivate the world’s attention, drawing visitors and investment to the kingdom.

With developments like Neom, The Red Sea, Diriyah, and AlUla, Saudi Arabia is positioning itself as a leader in innovation and tourism on the global stage.


The Qiddiya Speed Track is more than just a racetrack; it is a testament to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to innovation, entertainment, and economic diversification.

As this project and others like it come to fruition, the kingdom is set to emerge as a dynamic, vibrant destination that offers something for everyone.

Whether you are a motorsport enthusiast, a thrill-seeker, or simply searching for new experiences, Qiddiya promises to be a destination unlike any other, at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s bright future.

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