WITHIN SAND - Saudi Arabia's Groundbreaking Film

WITHIN SAND – Saudi Arabia’s Groundbreaking Film

WITHIN SAND review: Saudi Arabia’s Neom showcases Bedouin Heritage in this cinematic tale of survival and culture.

A Journey into the Desert’s Heart

Saudi Arabia’s film industry hits a milestone with “Within Sand,” the first movie shot in NEOM

Directed by the young and talented Moe Alatawi, this film is much more than entertainment; it is a tribute to the Bedouin traditions deeply rooted in Saudi history. 

Inspired by a local legend about a tobacco merchant’s struggle in the desert, the story brings to life the themes of endurance and heritage.

From Premiere to Acclaim

The movie made its first appearance at the Al Ain Film Festival and is set for a wider release on February 15. 

Before hitting the screens across the region, it earned critical acclaim at the Red Sea International Film Festival in 2022, where it won the jury prize. 

Competing with big names, “WITHIN SAND” distinguishes itself through its compelling narrative and stunning visuals, celebrating Saudi culture in all its aspects.

The Essence of Survival

The movie centres on Snam, a young man who ventures alone into the desert only to face unforeseen challenges. 

Initially, the film takes time to unfold, setting the scene for an engaging survival story. 

The introduction of a wolf adds an intriguing twist, showcasing their unique bond and adding depth to the tale.

A Visual Feast

“Within Sand” is visually striking, with its portrayal of the Saudi landscape in Neom offering a backdrop that rivals any cinematic masterpiece. 

The film’s attention to detail, from costumes to set designs, brings vibrancy and authenticity to the screen. 

While the cast, featuring emerging talents like Ra’ed Alshammari, delivers solid performances, the depiction of Saudi’s natural beauty and cultural heritage steals the show.

Celebrating Saudi Traditions

At its core, the film is a heartfelt homage to Saudi Arabia’s past, highlighting the music, traditions, and people that define it. 

Through its detailed exploration of Bedouin life and the collaborative effort of a predominantly Saudi crew, “Within Sand” stands as a genuine representation of the country’s rich cultural tapestry.

Looking Ahead

“Within Sand” marks an important development in Saudi cinema and paves the way for future storytelling honouring the kingdom’s legacy. 

The film promises to captivate audiences, offering a glimpse into Saudi Arabia’s heart and soul. 

As the industry continues to evolve, “Within Sand” will undoubtedly be remembered as a pioneering work celebrating the spirit of Saudi heritage on the big screen.

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