Saudi Arabia Unveils NEOM and TROJENA at Asia's Top Travel Show

Saudi Arabia Unveils NEOM and TROJENA at Asia’s Top Travel Show

Get a sneak peek at Saudi Arabia’s groundbreaking projects, Neom and Trojena, showcased at Mumbai’s OTM. 

Saudi Arabia’s Big Leap

Saudi Arabia is taking a huge step into the future by announcing Neom, a new urban area planned in the northwestern part of the country, Tabuk Province. 

This is not just any city; it is a massive project that aims to transform our perceptions of urban living. 

Neom will sit in a unique location, covering 26,500 square kilometres right north of the Red Sea, near Egypt across the Gulf of Aqaba, and below Jordan.


Inside Neom is a special place called Trojena, about reimagining mountain tourism in Saudi Arabia

Located about 50 kilometres from the Gulf of AqabaTROJENA spans 60 square kilometres and stands tall, with elevations between 1,500 and 2,600 meters above sea level. 

This makes it a part of Neom and a standout destination for those seeking adventure, sustainability, and unforgettable mountain experiences. 

Trojena is one of the eleven zones announced for Neom and is being marketed as the ultimate spot for adventure travel.

TROJENA in Mumbai

Trojena was recently showcased at OTM, the biggest travel trade show in Asia, which took place in MumbaiIndia, from February 8 to 11. 

This was a big moment, as it introduced Trojena’s vision of being a year-round mountain destination to the Southeast Asian market. 

OTM is known for bringing together many travel professionals and buyers from all over India, making it the perfect platform for Trojena’s debut.

Why Mumbai Is Key

Mumbai is a major player in India’s travel industry and the country’s largest source market for outbound tourism. 

It is responsible for sending out 60% of India’s tourists who travel abroad. 

The city is also the hub for India’s major outbound tour operators and a significant part of the Bollywood and corporate worlds.

This makes Mumbai a crucial place for connecting with potential customers in the travel sector.

OTM’s Prestige

OTM stands out as the leading travel trade show in Asia, known for its top-notch venues, facilities, and quality of participants. 

It is considered the best in bringing together buyers and sellers and providing a great return on investment. 

A survey conducted by Ipsos, a global research firm, confirmed this.

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