Raffles Trojena A New Luxury Destination in NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Raffles Trojena: A New Luxury Destination in NEOM, Saudi Arabia

Get ready to experience luxury like never before at Raffles Trojena, the upcoming ski resort in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, set to open in 2027.

A New Era of Mountainside Luxury

In an exciting announcement, NEOM and Raffles Hotels and Resorts have revealed plans to open a new luxury hotel, Raffles Trojena, in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s future city, NEOM, by 2027. 

This initiative marks a significant milestone in the development of Trojena, NEOM’s year-round mountain destination, promising a unique blend of luxury and adventure.

A Vision of Modern Luxury Hospitality

Raffles Trojena is set to redefine the concept of mountainside hospitality. 

Omer Acar, CEO of Raffles Hotels and Resorts, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration with NEOM, highlighting the resort’s aim to combine architectural significance with the pinnacle of modern luxury hospitality. 

“Raffles Trojena will showcase the very best in luxury hospitality, offering guests unparalleled service and experiences in one of the most compelling locales in the world,” Acar stated.

Design and Amenities

Nestled among the mountains, Raffles Trojena boasts a striking ring-shaped design, ensuring every guest enjoys breathtaking views. 

The resort will feature 105 guestrooms, each offering supreme comfort, privacy, and uninterrupted scenic vistas. 

The design encourages exploration with its circular zones and landscaped gardens, while its roof design allows for ample natural lighting.

Guests can expect the legendary Raffles butler service, exquisite culinary offerings, and a focus on arts and culture, maintaining the brand’s legacy of exceptional hospitality.

Trojena: A Beacon of Luxury and Adventure

Philip Gullett, Executive Director and Trojena Region Head remarked on Trojena’s vision to redefine luxury hospitality and mountain tourism. 

“Raffles Trojena will not only be a beacon of luxury but also a gateway to immersive experiences, from skiing and hiking to enjoying Arabian culinary delights and stargazing adventures,” Gullett added.

Chris Newman, Executive Director of NEOM Hotel Division, emphasized the architectural excellence and the natural beauty of the region. 

“Raffles is known for creating iconic destinations, and we are thrilled to bring this legacy to NEOM, offering visitors a unique blend of luxury and nature,” Newman said.

A Hub for Discovery

Raffles Trojena will be part of the Discover cluster, one of six distinct zones in Trojena, focusing on exploring the natural world. 

This cluster features attractions like the Discovery Tower, the Observatory, and the Cosmic Gate, each designed to offer guests unique experiences that highlight the beauty and majesty of the region.

NEOM: A Vision for the Future

NEOM is a visionary project in Saudi Arabia aimed at creating a new model for sustainable living through various giga-projects. 

Raffles Trojena is the latest addition to this ambitious initiative, promising to offer a luxury experience like no other, set against the backdrop of one of the world’s most innovative and future-focused regions.


In conclusion, Raffles Trojena in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, is poised to become a landmark destination for luxury travellers seeking adventure and relaxation in a setting of unparalleled natural beauty and innovative design. 

With its opening in 2027, the resort is set to elevate the standards of luxury hospitality and offer guests an unforgettable experience.

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