NEOM Unveils Gidori A Pioneering Luxury Golf Community

NEOM Unveils Gidori: A Pioneering Luxury Golf Community

Explore Gidori, NEOM’s newest luxury golf community in the Gulf of Aqaba: experience premium living, sustainable design, and unparalleled recreation.


In an exciting development from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, NEOM’s Board of Directors has announced the launch of Gidori, a state-of-the-art private golf community in the stunning coastal hills of the Gulf of Aqaba. 

This addition marks a significant milestone in the ongoing growth of NEOM, a region set for transformation in the northwest of Saudi Arabia.

Luxury Meets Nature in Gidori

Gidori is designed to be a haven where luxury and the natural beauty of the Gulf of Aqaba come together. It aims to provide a unique living experience by combining high-end hospitality, premium residences, and a variety of sports and leisure activities within an architecturally ambitious setting that complements the area’s dramatic landscapes.

What Gidori Offers

  • Prime Location: Positioned along the enchanting coastline of the Gulf of Aqaba.
  • Modern Living: Features 190 luxury sea-view apartments and 200 exclusive private villas and homes.
  • Elite Golfing is home to an 18-hole championship golf course designed to challenge and delight players with its innovative design and breathtaking coastal views.

Gidori’s Highlights

LocationGulf of Aqaba, NEOM, Saudi Arabia
Residences190 luxury sea-view apartments, 200 private villas & homes
Golf Course18-hole championship course
AmenitiesLuxury hotel, beach club, spa, gym, pools, and more

Architectural Wonder

Gidori is not just about luxury living; it also showcases modern architecture. The community’s centrepiece is a beach-front complex with a standout cantilevered structure that rises elegantly from the coastal landscape. The complex offers dining, shopping, and leisure spaces.

A Golfer’s Paradise

The golf course at Gidori is more than just any course. It is an 18-hole championship-level course that offers stunning views and challenges for golfers of all abilities. Alongside the course, a sophisticated clubhouse and a golf academy will provide top-notch hospitality and training.

Beyond Golf: Leisure and Luxury

Gidori goes beyond golf, offering an array of activities and amenities for an active and luxurious lifestyle:

  • It is an 80-room boutique luxury hotel with unique rooms, suites, restaurants, and wellness facilities.
  • Outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and water sports.
  • Exclusive entertainment options, including a theatre and stargazing platforms.

Commitment to Sustainability

Reflecting NEOM’s dedication to environmental conservation and innovation, Gidori is developed with a focus on sustainable coastal development. It joins a collection of NEOM’s sustainable coastal tourism destinations, aiming to set new standards in eco-friendly luxury living.

In Conclusion

Gidori represents the future of luxury living in Saudi Arabia, offering an exclusive blend of natural beauty, architectural innovation, and sustainable development. With its launch, NEOM continues solidifying its position as a leader in transforming the region into a global hub for luxury and leisure.

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