NEOM Engages Chinese Investors to Shape the Future of Urban Development

NEOM Engages Chinese Investors to Shape the Future of Urban Development

Explore NEOM’s investment roadshow in China, engaging Beijing and Shanghai to attract construction partners and investors. 

NEOM, the ambitious mega-city project in Saudi Arabia, has recently held a significant investment roadshow in China, engaging over 500 business and industry leaders across Beijing and Shanghai. 

The event, dubbed “Discover NEOM,” aims to forge strong partnerships and attract investment from Chinese companies to contribute to various high-profile developments within NEOM.

Key Highlights from the China Roadshow

The roadshow began on April 15 in Beijing and ended in Shanghai on April 17. Organized in collaboration with CCPIT Beijing and CCPIT Shanghai, these events offered an in-depth look into NEOM’s progress and plans.

Roadshow Schedule and Focus

CityDateEvent Description
BeijingApril 15Kickoff of the ‘Discover NEOM’ tour, partnership discussions, investment opportunities
ShanghaiApril 17Continuation of discussions, private showcase “Discover NEOM: A New Future by Design”

Strategic Partnerships and Opportunities

The forums in both cities highlighted opportunities for Chinese companies in NEOM’s construction and investment sectors. More than 100 companies participated, discussing their potential roles in projects like THE LINE, Oxagon, Trojena, and Sindalah—each representing innovative concepts in urban living, industrial design, leisure, and luxury tourism.

NEOM’s Innovative Projects

  • THE LINE: A futuristic city promising a new urban living experience.
  • Oxagon: Redefining traditional industrial models.
  • Trojena: A mountain resort offering a unique leisure experience.
  • Sindalah: A luxury island destination in the Red Sea set to open to the public later this year.
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NEOM’s CEO, Nadhmi Al-Nasr, expressed gratitude for the support from CCPIT Beijing and CCPIT Shanghai and emphasized ongoing collaboration. He stated, “To date, NEOM has already engaged with over 15 major Chinese businesses and invested in several Chinese startups to support the growth and diversification of NEOM.”

Economic and Technological Synergies

The Chinese representatives reciprocated the enthusiasm for this international cooperation. Guo Huaigang, Chairman of CCPIT Beijing, and Zhao Zhuping, Deputy Secretary General of Shanghai Municipal Government, highlighted mutual benefits such as increased trade, technological innovation, and sustainable development.

Quote from Zhao Zhuping

“Shanghai greatly values our relationship with Saudi Arabia. We look forward to deepening mutually beneficial engagement with NEOM across infrastructure, renewable energy, and technological innovation.”

Global Roadshow Impact

Following the success in China, the “Discover NEOM” tour will continue to other major cities worldwide, including Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, several cities across the USA, and major European capitals like Paris, Berlin, and London.

This global engagement underscores NEOM’s commitment to becoming a hub for innovation and a beacon for future urban development models. As NEOM continues to attract global attention and investment, its integration of cutting-edge technology and sustainable practices sets a precedent for future mega-projects worldwide.

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