Exploring the Future Saudi Arabia's Ambitious Tourism Vision

Exploring the Future: Saudi Arabia’s Ambitious Tourism Vision

Explore Saudi Arabia’s tourism boom and its ambitious plan to attract 150 million visitors by 2030, featuring the world’s largest urban park, new attractions, and the largest airport in the making.

Saudi Arabia is embarking on an extraordinary journey to redefine its position on the global tourism map. 

With a strategy fueled by immense financial reserves and unparalleled ambition, the nation seeks to welcome 150 million visitors by 2030. 

This blog post delves into the multifaceted approach Saudi Arabia takes to achieve this lofty goal, highlighting the remarkable progress and innovative developments on the horizon.

A Surge in Tourism

A significant announcement by the Saudi Ministry of Tourism revealed that 2023 witnessed an unprecedented influx of tourists, numbering 106.2 million—a striking 56 per cent increase from 2019 and a 12 per cent growth from 2022.

This achievement underscores the kingdom’s growing appeal as a global tourist destination.

Key Highlights from 2023:

  • Total Visitors: 106.2 million
  • Growth since 2019: 56%
  • Growth since 2022: 12%
  • Foreign Visitors: 27.4 million

Building on this momentum, Saudi Arabia is steadfast in its journey toward its ambitious 2023 target, propelled by its National Tourism Strategy formulated five years ago.

King Salman Park: A Green Marvel

Riyadh is set to become the home of the world’s largest urban park. King Salman Park, transforming a former military airport into a sprawling green haven, is a testament to the kingdom’s commitment to enhancing urban life with natural beauty.

The park will offer a lush landscape and host significant cultural landmarks.

Features of King Salman Park:

  • Planting 30 million plants
  • Creation of a forest
  • World Cultures Museum
  • National theatre
  • Royal Institute of Traditional Arts

Expected to open between 2025 and 2026, the park symbolizes the blend of tradition and modernity shaping Saudi Arabia’s future.

Innovative Entertainment Ventures

The kingdom is not stopping at parks but also venturing into unique entertainment experiences.

The introduction of “The Rig” and Trojena ski resort are prime examples of this innovative spirit.

  • The Rig: An amusement park built on an oil rig platform, offering a mix of excitement and innovation.
  • Trojena: A ski resort in Neom boasting diverse altitudes and promising a year-round destination for snow enthusiasts.

These attractions showcase Saudi Arabia’s ambition to offer diverse and unique experiences to visitors from around the globe.

Revolutionizing Transportation

Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in transportation infrastructure to support its tourism boom.

The development of a new railway line, the luxurious “Dream of the Desert” train, and the construction of the world’s largest airport are pivotal to this strategy.

Upcoming Transportation Projects:

  • King Salman Airport: Set to replace Riyadh’s current airport with six runways and the capacity to handle 185 million passengers annually by 2050.
  • Neom Airport: Aiming to support Neom Airlines and expand its route network by 2025.

These projects are not just about enhancing capacity but about creating world-class experiences that begin when travellers set foot in the kingdom.


Saudi Arabia’s vision for tourism is a bold leap towards a future where tradition and innovation converge.

With significant milestones already achieved and groundbreaking projects underway, the kingdom is well on its path to becoming a premier global destination.

The combination of cultural richness, innovative entertainment, and cutting-edge infrastructure is set to redefine what we expect from a travel experience, promising a future where Saudi Arabia is a beacon for travellers seeking luxury, adventure, and unparalleled hospitality.

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