NEOM LINE A Glimpse into the Future of Urban Living

NEOM LINE: A Glimpse into the Future of Urban Living

Explore The LINE, NEOM’s futuristic city in Saudi Arabia, setting new standards in sustainable urban development and innovative urban planning by 2030.

In an era where urban development often comes with the caveat of environmental compromise, a groundbreaking project in NEOM, Saudi Arabia, is setting a new standard for what the future of urban living can look like. Known as The LINE, this mega-city is a testament to architectural and engineering prowess and a beacon of sustainability and innovation. With the first phase to be complete by 2030, let us dive into what makes The LINE a futuristic vision turning into a palpable reality.

A Vision Becoming Reality

Unprecedented Scale of Development

The LINE is not just any urban development project. It represents the world’s largest earthworks operation to date.

Every week, millions of cubic meters of earth and water are moved in a monumental effort in both ambition and scope.

The sheer scale of this project is a clear indicator of the transformative potential it holds not just for Saudi Arabia but for future urban development worldwide.

  • Key Figures:
    • Completion Date: 2030 for the first phase
    • Project Scope: World’s largest earthworks operation

Innovative Urban Planning

Denis Hickey, the Chief Development Officer of The LINE, captures the essence of the project when he speaks of the “incredible energy within Saudi Arabia” driven by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

With its linear design, the LINE promises to offer an unrivalled quality of life by balancing nature conservation, sustainability, and economic prosperity.

Sustainability and Innovation at Its Core

Zero-Emission Future

The LINE is ambitiously steering towards a zero-emission future, presenting solutions to global urban challenges. This initiative is a bold step in demonstrating how cities can exist in harmony with nature rather than at odds with it.

  • Sustainability Goals:
    • Zero emissions
    • Balance with nature conservation
    • Economic prosperity

A Model for Future Cities

The developers of The LINE envision it as a blueprint for sustainable urban development.

It is designed to interact seamlessly with the landscape and environment, setting a benchmark for how future cities could approach sustainability and innovation.

The Impact of The LINE

Transformative Potential for Urban Development

The LINE is more than just a mega-city; it is a vision for a better model of urban living. 

By integrating solutions for sustainability and quality of life, The LINE aims to inspire cities worldwide to reconsider their relationship with the environment.

  • Zero-emission future
  • Sustainable urban development
  • Innovative urban planning

A Beacon of Hope

As we move towards a future where urban spaces and environmental sustainability need to coexist, The LINE stands out as a hopeful example of what is possible.

It is a testament to the power of visionary thinking and its tangible impact on the world.


With its groundbreaking approach to urban development, the LINE is a glimpse into a future where cities can thrive in balance with nature.

As we await the completion of its first phase by 2030, The LINE promises an unrivalled quality of life and inspires a global movement towards more sustainable, innovative urban planning. It is a bold stride towards a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

In the journey of urban development, The LINE represents a significant leap forward, showing us that with innovation, commitment, and visionary planning, future cities can indeed offer a harmonious blend of human habitation and environmental sustainability.

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