Saudi Arabia Asserts Progress on Neom Megacity Amid Skepticism

Saudi Arabia Asserts Progress on Neom Megacity Amid Skepticism

Saudi Arabia’s Neom megacity project progresses, with officials denying setbacks and asserting no changes in scale. Learn about Neom’s development, challenges, and Vision 2030 adjustments.


In a resolute effort to dispel concerns, Saudi Arabia continues to assert that its ambitious Neom megacity project is progressing without hindrance. 

Despite various reports suggesting otherwise, the Saudi economy minister recently confirmed to CNBC that there has been “no change in scale” for the project.

Neom, envisioned as a futuristic desert city, has been the subject of skepticism after recent claims by Western media outlets. 

These reports indicate potential downscaling in population estimates for The Line—one of Neom’s key areas—and a possible need for additional funding.

Earlier this month, Bloomberg highlighted growing apprehension within the Saudi government concerning the economic feasibility of Neom, which could see expenses soaring to as much as $1.5 trillion. 

In response, Faisal Al Ibrahim, the Saudi economy minister, emphasized the continuity of all projects at planned scales.

Al Ibrahim outlined the project’s careful management, aimed at minimizing risks and maximizing economic impact. 

“It is a long-term project that’s modular in design. These projects will be delivered to their scale and in a manner that suits the needs of the projects and the returns of these projects,” he explained.

Moreover, the minister reported increasing interest from investors in various aspects of Neom. 

In a bid to attract further investment, Saudi representatives have been actively showcasing the project across major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

This assertive promotion comes shortly after remarks from the kingdom’s finance minister, Mohammed Al Jadaan, at a World Economic Forum meeting in Riyadh. 

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Addressing the challenges faced, Al Jadaan indicated that some aspects of Saudi Arabia’s broader Vision 2030, with Neom at its core, would undergo adjustments. 

“We will downscale some of the projects, we will accelerate other projects,” he stated, signaling a flexible approach towards achieving long-term goals.

As part of these ambitious plans, Saudi Arabia aims to inaugurate Sindalah, Neom’s first region, by the end of this year, marking a significant milestone in the megacity’s development.

While representatives for Neom have not yet responded to inquiries from, the ongoing dialogue and adjustments reveal a dynamic approach to overcoming challenges and ensuring the project’s success.

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