NEOM's Expansive New Career Opportunities

NEOM’s Expansive New Career Opportunities

Explore exciting career opportunities in Neom, a visionary urban project in Saudi Arabia. Find roles in engineering, marketing, design, and more to shape the future of urban living.


In the vibrant city of Neom, a forward-thinking urban development launched by Crown Prince Bin Salman in 2017, a range of new career opportunities are emerging. 

Neom is strategically positioned at the northern tip of the Red Sea, east of Egypt and south of Jordan, spanning an impressive 26,500 km². 

This ambitious project is not just about redefining urban living but also about offering a multitude of job openings across various sectors, all within a strategically significant location.

Available Positions in Neom

To accommodate the expansive scope of this mega-project, Neom is looking to fill positions in several key departments. 

Below, we outline the currently open roles, segmented by department, to provide a clearer overview for prospective job seekers.

Open Positions in NEOM by Department

SalesSales Manager, Director, Executive, Representative
MarketingMarketing Manager, Director, Brand Manager, Product Marketing Manager
Human ResourcesHR Manager, Director, Recruiter, Talent Management Specialist
FinanceAccountant, Controller, Analyst, Investment Banker
EngineeringSoftware Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Project Manager, Engineering Manager
DesignGraphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Product Designer, Industrial Designer
LegalGeneral Counsel, Corporate Attorney, Litigation Attorney

Why Neom?

Neom represents a unique blend of technological innovation and sustainable living. 

Launched as part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, this project promises a future-focused approach to urban development, integrating the latest technology, sustainability, and economic diversification.

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For those seeking a dynamic career move, Neom offers more than job vacancies; it provides a chance to shape the future. 

The positions listed above reflect a commitment to creating a diverse and robust workforce capable of steering one of the most ambitious projects in the world today.

How to Apply?

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the official Neom careers page to apply. 

Each position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to a global hub of innovation and enterprise.

As Neom expands, keep an eye on future opportunities and developments within this promising new city. 

Whether you are a seasoned professional in business management or a creative mind in design, Neom is the next significant chapter in your career.

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