Marriott International Expands Luxury Footprint with New Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Saudi Arabia's Trojena

Marriott International Expands Luxury Footprint with New Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Saudi Arabia’s Trojena

Explore the new Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Trojena, Saudi Arabia—a luxurious Marriott retreat offering serene mountain views and exclusive amenities in NEOM’s futuristic setting.


In a significant expansion of its luxury hotel offerings, Marriott International signed a new agreement with NEOM to introduce a Ritz-Carlton Reserve in Trojena, a promising year-round mountain resort in northwestern Saudi Arabia. 

This initiative marks Marriott’s second Ritz-Carlton Reserve in the kingdom and the seventh collaboration with NEOM, reinforcing a strong regional partnership.

The Ritz-Carlton Reserve brand is renowned for its select luxury properties in some of the world’s most unique locations. 

Known for offering highly personalized service, each property is designed to reflect and harmonize with its local environment, providing guests with an immersive and exclusive experience.

With its 60 spacious villas, the new Trojena resort promises luxury. 

Each villa, with configurations ranging from one to four bedrooms, is a haven of comfort and style. 

Guests will have access to a full-service spa, several fine-dining options, and multiple swimming pools, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding desert and mountain ranges.

Philip Gullett, Executive Director, and Trojena Region Head expressed enthusiasm about the project: 

“Trojena is a rare destination, and we are delighted that Ritz-Carlton Reserve has chosen the mountains of NEOM for its next property. Together, we will create an experience that cannot be found anywhere else. Visitors and residents will find a sanctuary that captures the magic of Saudi Arabia, embracing ultimate luxury in an unforgettable location.”

Trojena is not just another development; it is a cornerstone of the NEOM mega-city project, a futuristic initiative to revolutionize living and leisure in Saudi Arabia. 

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The resort is designed to cater to all seasons, offering activities ranging from skiing and water sports to hiking and mountain biking.

Alongside the Ritz-Carlton Reserve, Trojena will include various residential units, retail stores, restaurants, entertainment venues, and leisure facilities. 

Other prestigious hotel brands, such as W Hotels and JW Marriott, have also been confirmed to establish a presence there.

This new venture is a testament to Marriott’s commitment to expanding its luxury portfolio in Saudi Arabia. 

The kingdom’s tourism sector is seeing robust growth, spurred by government efforts to diversify the economy. 

With this latest agreement, Marriott increases its already substantial footprint in Saudi Arabia, which includes over 30 properties across various brands.

The announcement underscores Marriott’s strategy to enhance its presence in key global markets by offering unparalleled luxury experiences in some of the most extraordinary destinations worldwide.

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